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Product Warning.. DO NOT BUY THIS !!

It has been brought to our attention from a concerned UKPSF member that there is a high-pressure air system regulator potentially entering the market or could already be on sale that we consider being dangerous. The regulator in question is from a company called FILLBA and looks like this: The above regulator has been inspected by a Paintball engineer and found to have several failure points and they consider this product extremely dangerous. An extract from the report reads: ‘There are at least two large and obvious failure points on this regulator, both of which would result in the internals (regular piston, springs, and pin) being ejected out of the regulator under 4500psi tank pressure. The tank would also become separated from the top of the regulator/marker and become a potential missile. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend or endorse the use of this regulator in any activity or scenario.’ Those are not the only concerns. We know that FILLBA are trying to find buyers for this

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