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UKPSF (Virtual) AGM 2021

As part of the UKPSF constitution we are required to hold an annual AGM where we update members on any progress from the previous year. Historically we have linked this with a conference and trade show, but due to the ongoing carnage caused by Covid-19 this is obviously not going to be possible. That said, there is nothing stopping us from doing this virtually, as we are really keen to let the membership know how things are going.  Therefore, the current plan is to host a Livestream on Thursday the 25th of February starting at 7 pm, scheduled to last for approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours, if there is sufficient interest, so if you would like the UKPSF to host this live stream please drop us a quick email reply to the email we have sent you already, so we know player members want this to go ahead. If the live stream does go ahead, we want to give the player membership an opportunity to ask us some questions. As I am sure you can appreciate its just not feasible to have an open Q & A with over 8

UKPSF (Virtual) AGM 2021