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UKPSF Team Spotlight - Corruption

  Corruption officially formed in 2019 from a core membership which has been playing tournament paintball since the early 1990`s. some of our past teams have been Deja Vouz, 299vc, Chameleons and  one of our founding members was instrumental in setting up team FE. Corruption are based out of Combat Zone Lincoln. Corruptions main sponsors are Bunkerkings, Just Paintball , Skirmish Pro training centre and Fat Boy pots. Corruption focus on having fun at both walk-on events and tournament level play and look to help out younger players and teams by being easily approachable . All of our players are members of the UKPSF which we see as an important step to supporting the sport we love . We are looking forward to building our team and attending events at Skirmish and CPPS later in the year. Danny Wharton (Team Captain) [Thanks to Llucia Wood for the pictures:]   You can follow Team Corruption on Facebook here:  https://www.fa

Be Careful. You only get one set of eyes!

Paintball Magazine posted up a video the other day showing the dangers of buying a mask from a random none Paintball site. You should always buy from a reputable vendor, UKPSF Trade member obviously, and also the importance of following the guidelines from the goggle manufacturers for maintenance and care and to change you lens often, as they manufacturers state, if you take a direct lens hit... replace the lens!

Get over to the Paintball Magazine Facebook page by clicking here:

And if you like what they do and want more then you can become a Patreon by clicking here and helping out from as little as £1 per month.


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