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UKPSF Team Spotlight - Corruption

  Corruption officially formed in 2019 from a core membership which has been playing tournament paintball since the early 1990`s. some of our past teams have been Deja Vouz, 299vc, Chameleons and  one of our founding members was instrumental in setting up team FE. Corruption are based out of Combat Zone Lincoln. Corruptions main sponsors are Bunkerkings, Just Paintball , Skirmish Pro training centre and Fat Boy pots. Corruption focus on having fun at both walk-on events and tournament level play and look to help out younger players and teams by being easily approachable . All of our players are members of the UKPSF which we see as an important step to supporting the sport we love . We are looking forward to building our team and attending events at Skirmish and CPPS later in the year. Danny Wharton (Team Captain) [Thanks to Llucia Wood for the pictures:]   You can follow Team Corruption on Facebook here:  https://www.fa

UKPSF Players Subcommittee.

At this year's UKPSF AGM it was put forward, by the current board, that to increase the representation of the players within the UKPSF a player’s subcommittee should be formed. Players were asked to put themselves forward, and from those applications a subcommittee has been formed. 

It is very early days for the players subcommittee, but we wanted to let you know that the committee has now been formed and the first piece of work they are working on is the players code of conduct. As time moves on, we hope that the player subcommittee will bring a closer connection between the player members and the UKPSF board.  

The UKPSF is here to help and protect all aspects of Paintball in all of the different and amazing formats/styles that are played in the United Kingdom, and it is important to the UKPSF that the players have a voice and a way to express their ideas and concerns.

We would also like to introduce you to the players that are involved and to give you a little bit of info about the chosen few. 

Lydia Conway has stepped forward and will be chairperson for the subcommittee and will communicate directly with the UKPSF board.

If you would like to contact the UKPSF players subcommittee then please email: 

Lydia Conroy (Chair)

Current Team: Lionesses

Years playing: 12

Style of paintball: Sup Air 

What you're aiming to achieve as part of the committee: To form a link between the UKPSF player membership and the UKPSF committee in order to address any concerns or requests brought forward by the community and to eventually be able to grow the membership base going forwards. I will also strive to use my seat on the committee to champion diversity and inclusion within our sport regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or physical ability.

James Green 

Current Team: Lucky 15s 

Years playing: 14 

Style of paintball: Sup Air 

What you're aiming to achieve as part of the committee: To improve the visibility and access to the sport so ultimately we can grow the player base.

John ‘JJ’ Jones 

Current Team: Sandbaggers 

Years playing: 30 

Style of paintball: Speedball, scenario, woodsball, magfed.... anything! 

What you're aiming to achieve as part of the committee: Represent players views from different scenarios. Help grow the sport.

Mike Oldham

Current Team: Morning wood (founder)

Years playing: 26

Style of paintball: Mainly sup air, big games

What you're aiming to achieve as part of the committee: I'd like to make paintball more accessible for people and help more people get into it.

Mark Blakemore

Current Team: SaD Old Boys and founder/owner of Staffordshire and District Paintball Club

Years playing: 34

Style of paintball: Mainly play sup-air events, but have enjoyed big games, have twice been a General at North V South.

What you're aiming to achieve as part of the committee: I am hoping as a member of the committee I can help to shape the future of the committee so that member engagement continues to evolve, to the point where most people who participate in paintball are aware of the UKPSF and are avid supporters.

Leon Gobourn 

Current Team: Morning Wood & Psycho Pimps

Years playing. 32 

Style of paintball: Sup Air and woodland 

What you’re aiming to achieve as part of the committee: To represent the views of players to the committee and to encourage more player to join the UKPSF.

Alan Smith 

Current Team: Mayhem Tigers 

Years playing: 27 

Style of paintball: Tournament Paintball Classic and Electro: Hyperball, Woods, Sup Air, 10 man, 7 man, 5 man.

What you’re aiming to achieve as part of the committee: To link the player base to the UKPSF to help grow all forms of paintball.

Mike Prankard

Current Team: Conflict Rogues

Years playing: 4 

Style of Paintball: Woodsball and Sup Air

What you’re aiming to achieve as part of the committee: My aim is to increase the visibility of players wishes along with how the UKPSF can help things move forward to a more organised and supported sport format. It's my wish to support the background activities such as marshalling and team organisers who I feel need to be included when rules/ COP are being discussed.

If you want to contact the UKPSF you can on email: or via Facebook ( you would like to contact the Players Sub Committee then please email them on: 


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