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New Paintball Game....

  Having Paintball in TV Adverts and in TV shows and films is a great thing but as Paintballers we all cringe a little when we see the lack of masks being worn… We get it, you need to see the ‘Stars’ faces… We like the exposure we just hate the safety side of things. Can you remember this scene from Hit US TV Show ‘Community’? <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Great exposure for Paintball right??? Looks like a fan made computer game has been launched on Steam called ’ six seasons and a game ’ Still no masks, which I hate, but I guess it's better than what’s happening on WarZone or GTA ?!?!? What do you think…. Good or Bad for Paintball? <iframe width="640" height="360" src="

UKPSF Team Spotlight - Wardogs


The UKPSF Spotlight now turns onto a team that seem to be going from strength to strength. Lets see what the Wardogs have to say about themselves and THANKS for your support.

Wardogs started in 2017 in South Wales and is run by Chris Barrett (DreadSnake to some). Back then, it was just a small group that played for a laugh at a local site. When it first started, there was only 6 people in total and stayed that way until may 2018. At this time, the leader, Chris Barrett, went out and bought a boat load of equipment. This was done in hopes to try and push the team forward and seek other people who want to play. So 2018, sometime in May, was the beginning of the true journey. Work began by buying equipment from anywhere possible. Sometimes traveling to Luton from Newport to get gear for new people. Thousands have been spent since back then in supporting a good foundation for new players joining the team. 

In 2019, advertisement for the group began and reconstruction for Wardogs.  It transformed from a group into a Magfed team. Went from playing every 4 weeks to every 2/3 weeks. On average Chris found 1 or 2 members a month at the start. By June 2019 half way into the year we had 10 members. By September, we went to our first OMG event (Redhammer 2) and October was Snakepit 2. By end of the year, the team achieved being nominated runner up Magfed team of the year in 4 different awards across the world and our leader Chris was runner up in 3 different awards also but in the 4th, winning the Magfed award in the UK as New player of the year. So 12 months of working tirelessly, Chris was able to provide a strong team that provides training programs, regular private walk ons, discount on any equipment, having our own team awards, social events, weekends away and much more.

2020 was a difficult year in general without covid. But even so, the team managed to recruit 10 more members from March to September. On average we have 15 people attending to each walk on. We have the biggest magfed only social media following in the UK, we are one of, if not the most active magfed only team in the UK, Chris is an ambassador for Battlegear UK and is running his first sell out event in 2021 called Overlord, the team has a support program with BZ Paintball, Chris (along with a few company owners) did a massive social media campaign for the UKPSF along with contacting as many teams as we possibly could to drive the member numbers of the UKPSF up. To be honest, there's so much that has happened since last year we have lost track on what the team or individuals have achieved. Alot more is going on behind the scenes but have to keep it under wraps, so watch this space! 

Tho the team and Chris have achieved a lot in the Magfed world, the biggest achievement is meeting people from joining the team or meeting new people at events. We can say we have made lifetime long friends. Paintball is just half of the story, the people we meet along the way is the true beauty of paintball. It's not just a game, it's a lifestyle which has an ocean of endless paths and opportunities. 

To follow the Wardogs check out their Facebook below:

If you want to see your team featured in our team Spotlight section please send in your team logo, links to your social media and tell us a bit about your team... And don't forget your ALL need to be members of the UKPSF!


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