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UKPSF (Virtual) AGM 2021

As part of the UKPSF constitution we are required to hold an annual AGM where we update members on any progress from the previous year. Historically we have linked this with a conference and trade show, but due to the ongoing carnage caused by Covid-19 this is obviously not going to be possible. That said, there is nothing stopping us from doing this virtually, as we are really keen to let the membership know how things are going.  Therefore, the current plan is to host a Livestream on Thursday the 25th of February starting at 7 pm, scheduled to last for approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours, if there is sufficient interest, so if you would like the UKPSF to host this live stream please drop us a quick email reply to the email we have sent you already, so we know player members want this to go ahead. If the live stream does go ahead, we want to give the player membership an opportunity to ask us some questions. As I am sure you can appreciate its just not feasible to have an open Q & A with over 8

UKPSF Team Spotlight - Lucky 15's

The Lucky 15s, based out of Staffordshire, are the UK’s #1 ranked paintball team, winning the CPPS for last five consecutive seasons. 

Founded by Ainsley Baddeley off the back of winnings of a Lucky 15 bet, the team has climbed the ladder to the top of both domestic and international paintball. In 2018 the Lucky15s placed 2nd in the NXL semi pro division, qualifying for the NXL professional circuit. In 2019 & 2020 the team instead chose to compete in the DPL Bundesliga 1, Germany’s premier paintball league. The team had an exceptional year, dropping only one game and placed second, beating other NXL pro talent such as Breakout Spa, Cologne Hurricanes, and multiple free agents from the European powerhouse Russian Legion along the way. 

The Lucky 15s organisation also boasts a strong second team, the Mustangs. The Mustangs are a dominant force in their own right, placing second in the CPPS in both 2019 & 2020. With the majority of the Lucky 15s 2020 roster getting their start on the Mustangs it is clear the emphasis the organisation puts on player development has contributed massively to their success. This one two punch at the top of UK paintball has made the Lucky 15s organisation the go to destination for those looking to develop into players that can compete at the top level of European competition. 

The 2021 season will be a busy year for the Lucky 15s who are set to compete in NXL Pro, DPL & CPPS. With the majority of their 2020 roster returning the team will be one to watch in 2021. 

The Lucky15s are proud to represent UK paintball and wholeheartedly support the UKPSF. Without their work representing the sport, and removing barriers to growth, the sport would not be here today. Particularly we would like to thank them for their hard work liaising with government over the last year. Without this united voice there would not have been a 2020 season in any format. Support the UKPSF, grow paintball. 

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If you want to see your team featured in our team Spotlight section please send in your team logo, links to your social media and tell us a bit about your team... And don't forget your ALL need to be members of the UKPSF!


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